CAWS® is an education company that creates content, courses and curricula specific to the needs of the fitness sector workforce. The company philosophy is to take the core principles from elite sport, science and medicine, and apply them to the education needs of commercial fitness.

Head up by Dr Col Robertson and industry professional Mel Spooner, CAWS is best known for their flagship training programme Rebuild™, which teaches trainers and coaches how to rehabilitate an individual from COVID-19 and Long-COVID. With the support of ukactive, CIMSPA, EuropeActive, EMD UK, strategic partners, and all club operators, since May 2020, CAWS has led the charge on COVID-19 Rehabilitation, and between January and April 2021, CAWS supported more than 450 fitness facilities and 3,500 certified coaches to mobilise COVID-19 rehabilitation in their clubs to help the millions of people across the world needing help.

In a Phase 2, CAWS and ukactive have four main goals as part of their strategic partnership, which are already underway:

1) to continue to grow and support the global Skills Registry of CAWS Rebuild™ Certified Coaches that are competent and confident, and have the new knowledge and skillset to rehabilitate individuals from COVID-19;

2) to continue to support our Club Partners to mobilise their new in-house COVID-19 support operations and recovery programmes;

3) to drive consumer awareness that their local CAWS Rebuild™ Certified Coach is their go-to resource for support post COVID-19;

and 4) to continue to partner with the NHS, work with Health Education England to drive parity of pathways and referrals across the UK, and lobby government for endorsement of our sector in providing COVID-19 Recovery, this includes examining evidence, data and what ’success’ looks like in the context of COVID-19 Rehabilitation.

In 2021, as we emerge into our post-COVID era, CAWS will release its next two programmes to accompany its existing Stage One Programmes Rebuild™, Rebuild™ Group Training, Rebound™ and Fortitude™. To learn more about COVID-19 Rehabilitation or future education developments, contact CAWS Managing Director Mel Spooner

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